We’re nearly there – 2 to go!

I think most of you must be getting used, by now, to the ridiculously irregular updates from this blog.  All my fault i’m afraid – life has a way of taking over!

But with the sun out this morning, walking weather on its way (hopefully) and plans afoot for peak number 9, it felt the right time to update you on our progress.

In a few weeks time we will be setting off for Snowdonia to attempt to climb Tryfan – mountain number 9 of the 10 we set out to climb nearly 2 years ago.

TryfanWinter Snowdonia North Scenery
Tryfan Winter Snowdonia North Scenery

The keen ones amongst you might remember that we first attempted this peak back at Easter last year, but we were defeated by storm force gales.  Well, we’re heading back to have another go.
We have some wonderful friends, both little and big, accompanying us this time.  And two guides who will be attempting to ensure we make it up and down in one piece.

More details to follow soon and also news of how we got on with mountain number 8 – Piz Beverin in Switzerland – which we climbed at the end of last summer.   view-from-up-above-gimmelwald-interlaken

Until then, here’s a picture of the beautiful Swiss mountains to keep you going!






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