As promised…dates!

“There are tons of reasons to take children up mountains. Yes, it’s good for them (and you). And yes, it’s great for family bonding. But when you’re eight years old, with a gigantic grin on your face, standing on the roof of Wales, looking at the world unfold below you, and thinking, “I climbed that!” – well, you’ll remember that for the rest of your life.”

Visit Wales

Right – you’ve been asking and clamouring… so here are the dates of the peaks we’ve got planned for next year.  They aren’t set in stone yet but firming up every day.  If you’d like to come and do one summit, or two or all of them then let us know!  We will have a professional guide with us for nearly all our walks and can bore you rigid with kit and safety advice ahead of time.

It would be good to get an early idea on numbers – so if you’re keen, let us know which ones and when – leave a comment below or email me on

In terms of bringing little people, please get in touch if you have questions. Issie is obviously doing all of these and she’s 11.  If you want to bring littler people, then happy to chat about how long each peak might take and whether they’d manage/enjoy it or not.   We can also let you know where we’ll be staying and point you in the right direction of hotels/B&Bs/pubs with rooms nearby.

So, here we go:

We will be walking up 3 summits in Wales during the Easter holidays, including the highest peak in Wales:

  • 3rd April 2016 – Cadair Idris (893m), Wales
  • 6th April 2016 – Moel Elio
  • 9th April 2016 – Snowdon (1085m), Wales

Then, over the May Half Term holiday we will be heading up to the northern highlands.  We will staying up near Wester Ross and would love anyone to join us.  But appreciate it’s a LONG WAY AWAY!  Peaks yet to be confirmed, but these are our dates:

  • 27 May-5 June 2016 – Northern Highlands, Scotland

The next walks will be in Yorkshire – slightly more gentle peaks so could also be good ones for littler people.  We’re aiming to do Ingleborough on Saturday, 9th July and there are plans afoot for lunch or supper in a pub in the village next to Charlie’s parents afterwards.  We might also attempt another of the Yorkshire 3 peaks over the next few days – plans to be finalised asap….

  • 9/10 July 2016 – Ingleborough (723m), Yorkshire

Our final summit will be, fittingly, the highest in the UK – Ben Nevis in Scotland.  We are currently planning for the final August bank holiday weekend:

  • 26/27 August 2016 – Piz Beverin, Switzerland

More information about all of these peaks to come shortly.  In the meantime, huge thank you again for all your encouragement and for the incredibly generous donations.  We have already raised so much more than we thought possible!


We climbed our 9th mountain back at easter last year (2017).  News of our final peak to come shortly!! 




6 thoughts on “As promised…dates!

  1. James Ind

    I clamoured. But it wasn’t just the party fuel talking. I’d be up for Snowden on 9th April, though if the momentum / critical mass is around other dates instead then let me know. Second choice might be 9/10 July in Yorkshire.


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  2. Janie

    We would love to do a walk or two in Yorkshire in July (without our girls methinks, but maybe not if Raffy is up for it?!)
    Keep us posted as to the dates, and I will talk to the girls grandparents. xxxx

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  3. Sandy Fraser


    Standing by for the ‘Northern Highlands’ adventure…. At least for the long May Bank Holiday weekend. Not sure if I can co-opt any youngsters to join me – our youngest is now 17, so they are all at a stage where Dad no longer knows best – but I will get my thinking cap on!

    Have a great Christmas when it arrives.


    Sandy Fraser

    Partner, Corporate Finance – Head of M&A


    Direct: +44 20 7496 3176 | Mobile: +44 7736 800 356


    Head Office:

    One Bartholomew Lane London EC2N 2AX

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