A huge thank you and some dates!

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has written or donated or emailed or called since we first launched this challenge.

Charlies Ten Lakes 2015 Scaled 045

“We’ve raised £1,500 in just three weeks.  A really big thank you to everyone who has donated to these two brilliant causes! It makes the walks much easier, knowing so many people are supporting us.” Issie

And we’re even more bowled over by the number of people that want to come and trudge up damp mountains in the rain with us!   Are you sure?  Really?!

We’ve had such lovely messages – from people we’ve known for ever and who remember Charlie and people who have become amazing new friends in recent years.  Thank you all so much!

I know you all want to know dates for our future climbs.  We  promise, we are working on finalising dates right now and I will be putting details up here very soon.  I am currently wrestling with exeat calendars!

It’s tough to do many walks before Christmas now as it’s just not safe for little-ish and big people up high as conditions get colder and with the risk of snow and ice.  But dates are coming for the new year – we promise!

Some of you also know that we are currently in the throes of the coroner’s inquest into Issie’s father’s death.  Please be assured that over the next two weeks your support is keeping us all going, it means so much so thank you!

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